We are stardust…literally

Some think the seeds of life came from the Big Bang, but that misses a critical part of how the elements of life came to be. All the elements we have discovered and mapped on the periodic table contain a certain number of protons. For example, iron possesses 26 protons, and gold (Au), a much heavier element, contains 79.

The Big Bang produced ONLY elements with one and two protons, hydrogen and helium, along with trace amounts of three and four proton elements (you can look those up on the periodic table). However, life on earth requires carbon, which has six protons, as well as a bunch of other elements. Where did those heavier, more proton-dense elements come from if not from the Big Bang?   Continue reading “We are stardust…literally”

Smith Rock snaps

We took a trip to Sisters and Bend, Oregon last summer, and passed by Smith Rock. Here are few snaps from the Smith Rock visit. I hadn’t visited before and was struck by its beauty the contrast of the rocks created against the rest of the terrain. Wish we had time to hike to the top. A must for next time.  Continue reading “Smith Rock snaps”