Sep 072015
Aloha...It's a movie...almost

As I watched the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, I kept waiting for all the pieces to come together, but it never happened. See larger image Conversations with Wilder List Price: $40.00 New From: $34.50 USD In Stock Used from: $17.40 USD In Stock

Sep 042015
Can you prove anything in science?

Below is the text of a comment I left on this YouTube video. My comment focuses on how Bananiac (and others) use the words “proven” or “caused by” when referring to scientific hypotheses.

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Sep 022015
Bryan Cranston to Portray LBJ

Wow! This is news. Bryan Cranston to portray LBJ in HBO adaptation of stage play All the Way. See larger image All the Way with LBJ: The 1964 Presidential Election All the Way with LBJ mines an extraordinarily rich but underutilized source – the full range of LBJ tapes – to analyze the 1964 presidential

Aug 312015
Rosa Dear ~ by Ruth

Rosa Dear by Ruth ~ I heard this song while watching videos from the wonderful YouTube channel “Vet Ranch.” They use it during closing credit, and I love it. Official music video for “Rosa Dear,” off Ruth’s record “Voilà.” As heard on the YouTube channel Vet Ranch. See larger image Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to

Apr 292015
Welcome Home, Son ~ Radical Face

I notice this song, “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face, on the closing credits of the documentary, Forks Over Knives. I liked the acoustical guitar melody. But after reading the lyrics, I can’t say I understand much of what they mean. “Sometimes you’ve got to just let art flow over you.” Welcome Home Son by