Why? ~ “To give voice to my own curiousity”

Why? ~ “To give voice to my own curiousity”

I’m a curator of the funny, odd, fascinating, clever, wise, rare, informative, and curious things I find on “the internets” and elsewhere.


BrentI know it’s against internet etiquette to post links to your blog when a link directly to the source (YouTube, imgur.com, facebook,  etc.)  would do, and I used to follow that.

But as I learned more about how some sites were using “my data,” I began to feel uncomfortable. I began to feel I was giving away a lot I didn’t understand.

To help quell that feeling, I created this site.

I collect strange stuff. There’s no theme or consistency. It’s just whatever tickles my neurons at the moment.

But whatever it is, it’s become a significant part of how I spend my free time and a reflection (however demented) of who I am. That’s what I want to preserve with this site.

While I still use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., this is where I call home, however cluttered, disorganized, and eccentric.

BTW, the header image at the top of the site is not an astronomical view of planets. It’s a series of pictures of the bottoms of cooking pots. Found it on reddit via imgur.com.

Got the title line “to give voice to my own curiosity” from a Charlie Rose interview with Stephen Colbert.