Jan 242015
Pope Francis to Jesus: "You shouldn't have provoked them" ~ by Heathwood & Lee

This cartoon commentary by Heathwood and Lee illustrates so brilliantly my reaction to Pope Francis’ recent…advice…that one should expect a physical or violent reaction if criticizing another’s faith, so just don’t do it. Would Pope Francis have said the same to Jesus Christ, whose life was devoted to exposing the hypocrisy of the Jewish leadership

Nov 242013
What atheists need to ask the faithful ~ JT Eberhard

JT Eberhard is a persuasive young man. An atheist and advocate for freedom of thought, he speaks regularly about atheism and how to discuss religion and atheism with religious believers. During this talk, JT Eberhard asks a number of questions that hit home and trace my path from reasonably devout Catholic to an irreligious agnostic,

Jul 132012

Stephen Fry makes a strong case that the Catholic Church is NOT a force for good. I can’t agree that it’s an all or nothing proposition, but I totally agree with Fry’s critique regarding the Church’s position on contraception and the many deaths that thoughtless position has caused in spreading AIDs in Africa and elsewhere.

Jul 112012
Melinda Gates challenges Vatican by vowing to improve access to contraception

I totally agree with and applaud Melinda Gates’ statements about the Catholic Church’s position on contraception. The Vatican’s position on this issue, and its impact on women’s rights, human health, and the spread of HIV in Africa and elsewhere, is one of the key reasons I’m no longer a Catholic. Melinda Gates, the “impatient optimist,”

Feb 022012

“Tivoli is my home town, Flavius Agricola my name . . . Friends who read this, do my bidding. Mix the wine, drink deep, wreathed in flowers, and do not refuse to pleasure pretty girls. When death comes, earth and fire devour all.” -epitaph of Flavius Agricola via Funerary Monument of Flavius Agricola | Indianapolis