Bioshock Infinite ~ What Elizabeth REALLY wants to say

Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite ~ This parody video from machinima captures what Elizabeth REALLY wants to say while I’m playing Bioshock Infinite. It’s also a good approximation of what my son says when he watches my play 🙂

NSFW, mostly due to F-bombs.

Machinima made three videos, but the first is by far the best, and the third has major spoilers, so tread with caution.

Part 1 – If you only watch one, watch this

Elizabeth’s Escort Mission – Part 1 – YouTube.


Part 2

Elizabeth’s Escort Mission – Part 2


Part 3 – SPOILERS big time

Elizabeth’s Escort Mission Part 3 – Season Finale [SPOILERS]

That’s it for now.

Get in! No time to explain!