Smith Rock snaps

We took a trip to Sisters and Bend, Oregon last summer, and passed by Smith Rock. Here are few snaps from the Smith Rock visit. I hadn’t visited before and was struck by its beauty the contrast of the rocks created against the rest of the terrain. Wish we had time to hike to the top. A must for next time.  Continue reading “Smith Rock snaps”

Beautiful photo that looks like Rennaissance art

I did a double or triple take at this photo…actually I still can’t see it as a photo; it looks like a Renaissance painting to my eyes. I cannot track down who captured it, but I found the image on multiple “photos that look like paintings” webpages like this one at reddit. Whatever the medium, it is a beautiful image that has passed from site to site and adopted the title The BakerContinue reading “Beautiful photo that looks like Rennaissance art”