Komodo 3000! ~ Favorite Malcolm in the Middle Scene

The Komodo 3000! ~ One of my favorite Malcolm in the Middle scenes. It’s from season 4, episode 8, “Boys At Ranch.”

In case the video link dies (it did), at the bottom of the post is a storyboard version of the scene to jog your memory, if not blind you with tears of laughter.

“Totally worth it!”

The Komodo 3000 ~ Storyboard version

Malcom in the Middle - Komodo 3000 Special! - YouTube

Malcolm in the Middle – Komodo 3000 Special! – YouTube

Amazingly enough, there are actually a couple fireworks products with that name. Which came first? The Malcolm scene or the fireworks?

And here’s a series of animated gifs laying out the scene.

Get in! No time to explain!