Beautiful photo that looks like Rennaissance art

I did a double or triple take at this photo…actually I still can’t see it as a photo; it looks like a Renaissance painting to my eyes. I cannot track down who captured it, but I found the image on multiple “photos that look like paintings” webpages like this one at reddit. Whatever the medium, it is a beautiful image that has passed from site to site and adopted the title The BakerContinue reading “Beautiful photo that looks like Rennaissance art”

Beautiful landscape image by Carlos Lazarini

Discovered this beautiful image on ALK3R’s WordPress photo blog. The photo is by Carlos Lazarini, a Sao Paulo photographer with a great eye. Sounds like he’s self-taught and focuses on scenery. This shot just draws me in so strongly. Something about the composition, the light…just really well done. Visit Carlos Lazarini’s Instagram for more. Continue reading “Beautiful landscape image by Carlos Lazarini”