Mar 312012
Peter Dinklage ~ Photo by Joshua Smelser / flickr

The Station Agent is an indie  film I probably would not have ever seen if it weren’t for Peter Dinkage (Wikipedia, IMDB). Actor Peter Dinklage currently stars in the HBO series Game of Thrones  where he plays a dwarf noble, Tyrion Lannister, who relies on his wits to navigate the perils of a sister who hates him and a populace that dismisses him. It’s a great role that Dinklage plays with such authenticity.

In The Station Agent (2003), Dinkage plays a man who works at a store/repair shop for model trains, and it’s clear that trains are the main hobby of his life, and the life of his friend who owns of the store.  When that friend dies, he leaves Fynn not the store but an old, rundown train station. This inheritance begins the main journey of the story, how Dinklage’s character integrates into the small town where the station is located.

It’s a charming story, nicely told by writer/director Thomas McCarthyPatricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale are also featured in the film, and do a fine job.

The Station Agent is the perfect film for a rainy, slow Saturday morning.

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The Station Agent

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