My wife LaRonda Zupp interviewed…because she’s AMAZING!

LaRonda-Zupp-Turtle Heart Coaching & Retreats
LaRonda-Zupp-Turtle Heart Coaching & Retreats

My wife LaRonda Zupp  runs a successful coaching and retreat facilitation business called Turtle Heart Coaching & Retreats. She serves mostly Deaf and hard-of-hearing women who seek help clarifying their purpose in life and working through life transitions. She LOVES her work and is very good at it. Global Deaf Women (GDW) founder Sofia Seitchik took notice and interviewed my wife as part of GDW’s Amazing Women series. Continue reading “My wife LaRonda Zupp interviewed…because she’s AMAZING!”

Russell Brand interviewed by Jeremy Paxman – Video

My only exposure to Russell Brand was when he played the outlandish “Aldous Snow” in the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. His loud, obnoxious, ridiculous performance left me with a peculiar aftertaste, and I felt I’d had enough of the guy. But Jeremy Paxman’s interview—argument, really—with Russell Brand has totally updated my early impressions of the wild man. Brand makes some excellent points, and puts Paxman in his place. Continue reading “Russell Brand interviewed by Jeremy Paxman – Video”

Alice Eve ~ Interviews reveal her charming accent and wit

Bumped into this interview of actress Alice Eve on Conan that just charmed my socks off. I’m not familiar with Alice Eve, but during the interview she demonstrates how she can instantly change from her gorgeous English accent to an American, Los Angeles accent—which includes inserting “like” for commas, or so goes her theory… Continue reading “Alice Eve ~ Interviews reveal her charming accent and wit”

NPR Interview with James Gleick – Author of ‘The Information’

This NPR interview with James Gleick was weak, but good enough to whet my appetite for Gleick’s new book, The Information.

To be fair, the topic of information theory is HUGE and intersects with just about everything, which was one of the points of the book that Gleick got across.  But I guess it’s just a hard topic to convey much about in a five minute interview. I was left wanting—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I just ordered the book off Amazon 🙂

One of my favorite books EVER was also on the topic of information theory. Written by Jeremy Campbell, Grammatic Man also told the story of information theory, and I found it absolutely enthralling. It was….

Continue reading “NPR Interview with James Gleick – Author of ‘The Information’”