First Charge for Rechargeable Battery - I received instructions like these when I ordered rechargeable batteries for my camera. They worked extremely well. Previous rechargeable batteries failed to hold a long charge when I did not perform the initial charge as prescribed here.

Before you use your new rechargeable battery...

  1. Remove protective guards or covers.
  2. Initialize your battery.
    1. For the first charge, charge rechargeable battery for 16 hours. (After the first charge, you can charge your battery as you normally would.)
    2. Sometimes, new rechargeable batteries resist taking their first charge. If battery charging light goes off early, before its fully charged (false peak), take the battery off the charger and put it immediately back on. This will reset the battery and allow for a full charge.

*This process redistributes the electrolyte of the rechargeable battery, making the new battery last longer.