25 March 2007

Tips on flying Woo Wee Dragonfly

Planet Earth Discovery Series

20 March 2007

The Happiness Purpose - by Edward de Bono


30 Funny Statements Heard in Court



Lessons on Folding Shirts

Finger Gun Battle

13 March 2007

Learning to Play Music Affects the Brain

Never Run or Jog Barefoot

The now famous Apple commercial parody: Hillary '1984'

Hilary '1984'

BTW: The woman hurling the hammer is Anya Major

10 March 2007

Me to We - Finding Meaning in a Material World and Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

High schoolers (?) pantomime of kids playing various video games -- including Zelda. Clever. My son would like this.

Pantomime of Video Games

7 March 2007

Tanning Protects Against Melanoma?

Flow The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Tan Lines From Typical Summer Activities

PmWiki Access Keys in Firefox

Ashridge Bluebells at Dusk

6 March 2007

I wonder if there is an oat bran toxicity level. I know I can drink too much water. Does something similar apply to oat bran. I'd think so. My pantry shelves hold enough oat bran to clear the bowels of a herd of cows.

Low Budget Video Light Kit

WTF!? Amazing....Who or what is this woman?

Amazingly Flexible Woman

I found this oddly beautiful. I think in other contexts, it would mostly be grotesque, the opposite of beautiful. But for some reason, I found this video mezmerizing.

I'd really like to buy one of these tables--what a brilliant solution to the problem. Expect it's expensive. Very clever design. Saw another video that made the use of the table look smooth, less cranky or mechanized. This one seemed more honest in how it works. Seemed less mysterious here.

Amazingly Expandable Table

Amazingly Clever Animation

Loved this!!! Starts out so simple and quickly transforms into a wonderfully complex bit of animation. Excellent.

It's all so...astonishing :)

2 March 2007

Buddist Centers In Fremont California

Here's my Review of Panasonic PV-GS320 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder. Relative recommended this Panasonic series. Leica lense, image stablization, and 3 CCD sensors make for amazing image color and quality. It's not HD...but I really don't think I want to see my self, friends or family in HD...We're just not that beautiful :)

Curious about Lisp programming language