The software model for the Palm OS (and other smart-phones?) is what PCs, at least in part, want to be doing: You buy pieces of functionality, not a bloated OS or application package.

But these pieces are created by a multitude of independent programmers, so code quality varies enormously, as does the UI.

Still, it's an interesting approach. I'm enjoying the process of piecing my treo together. However, I'm not paying much for the software if I can avoid it. Fortunately, much of the items I like are freeware.

Software Links Downloads section
The best I've found so far for listing good freeware and shareware for Palm.
Treo 650 Software Best Freeware
Minutes PLUS
Tracks minutes usage. Another MUST have, and it's FREE.
Qset increases Treo's picture resolution
MUST have for photo greek like me.
FileZ - File Manager |
DeStaller Lite
Helps uninstall ALL files associated with a program. Seems to be excellent program, mostly in identifying which files belong to a program AND deleting them (not letting them hang around, taking up precious space).
SoundRec 1.07d (for Palm OS)
Use Treo as voice recorder for FREE (other charge)
Graffiti Anywhere
For when you want graffiti on your palm. Don't find I use it, so ended up removing it to save space
Treo Alarm
Excellent, well written, stable alarm program that brings up weather.

Ebook Links
Excellent site for ebooks. All free and in various formats. One of the better run sites for ebooks, even though they are free. Well done. Should contribute them, or to the projects.
One of the best sites I've found so far. Great collection of downloads and review, plus a good forum and knowledge base. Wonderful resource for a wannabe nerd like myself.

SharkLink and Web-based Applications for Treo

Jeff Kirvin has assembled a wonderful list of resources he uses. Read the original at If that's not available, read the cached version below

The Next Small Thing

Author: Jeff Kirvin :: Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:58 pm I have a lot of free space on my Treo. Out of 23.7MB total, I have 47% free. I'm only using 12.7MB, which might tell you something about why I'm not salivating over devices with more memory, like the Palm TX or the upcoming Treo 700p. I have plenty of room to grow even with the 650's storage, often seen as anemic by reviewers. 11MB free, 45MB free, what's the difference?

And yet, I have 88 applications in my launcher.

That's not a typo. I have 88 applications and data in just 12.7MB on my Treo. And no, I'm not using PowerRun or ZLauncher to run stuff off the card. If I did that, I could easily have more than 100 applications in less than 10MB.

And I'm running some hefty stuff. Agendus Pro 10 is nearly 2MB by itself. Pocket Tunes is almost 1MB. EReader, TCPMP, Audible, AudibleAir, RescoExplorer, all near 500k. I admit to keeping the big modules of Mobi-Systems OfficeSuite on the card, but the base program has to stay in RAM and it's over 700k.

So how do I do it? How do I live so comfortably within the Treo 650's RAM? (and, might I add, reliably; my Treo almost never crashes)

Web-based applications.

Put simply, I don't install a Palm OS application if I can find a website that does the same thing. I take these sites, mobile-friendly versions almost all of them, and create icons for them in my launcher with SharkLinks. Some of them I even assign unique app codes so I can assign them to buttons.

Let me give you an example. I don't use any Palm OS mail client for the most part. I don't use Vesamail (with one minor exception), I don't use Chatter, I don't use SnapperMail and I don't use Agendus Mail, though I do use Agendus Pro.

Instead, I have a SharkLink that points to and I have that mapped to the Mail button on my Treo. I press the Mail button and Blazer fires up and instantly loads Google mobile-friendly version of Gmail. From here I can read, reply and even search my mail just like on the desktop, and changes made here (archiving, starring, etc.) show up anywhere else I read my Gmail. The only thing I can't do (yet) is send attachments, the only remaining use I have for Versamail.

If you have a device like a Treo or TX where you can reasonably exect to have a network connection most or all of the time, web-based applications (henceforth referred to as WBAs, because I'm thumbing this article on my Treo) are a revelation. Most crashes on computers of any kind are caused by either buggy software or software conflicts. I minimize both by installing only the most necessary Palm OS software and using the web for everything else.

For example, one of the most popular programs for Treos is Directory Assistant. It's freeware, and does a decent job of looking up local numbers. Instead, I have a SharkLink set up that points to

Want more? I've seen people that keep a copy of the entire WikiPedia in TomeRaider on a card (you need more than a 512 card to pull this off), but why bother? You can just create SharkLink to instead. And it's always up to date.

Okay, enough teasing. Here are the WBAs I have loaded on my Treo, and what they replaced. If you want more free space and greater stability, download SharkLinks and give these a try.

Instead of QuickNews, try Bloglines

Instead of 4Cast, try Weather Underground (you'll need to change the zip code unless you're my neighbor)

Instead of VersaMail, try Gmail

Instead of Directory Assistant, try Google Local

Instead of a translation database, try Babelfish

Want to look up a song or musician? Try CDDB

Actor or movie? Try IMDB

Need shipping information?




Why use BDicty or RoadLingua (both of which I've registered) when you can just go to the dictionary?

And if you need a thesaurus as well,

Instead of WorldMate, try Flight Schedules

Instead of the Merck Manual, try WebMD

Instead an encyclopedia on your card, try Wikipedia

Showtimes? I use Fandango

And for shopping, there's always



Instead of PalmSMB, try Avvenu

Instead of carrying a ton of MP3s on your card, try Gloonet

Instead of Mergic Ping, try Ping

Also, Traceroute

and Whois

Lastly, instead of AvantGo/iSilo/Plucker/HandStory etc., I use these for regular reading:





iambic Mobile

I, Cringely


Palm Addict Mobile


Google News

SciFi Wire

Smirking Chimp

Wired News

Now, I realize y'all won't actually be able to see this, but I wanted to show you it was possible. For my writing, I used to keep a "series bible" in either Word or a database like ThinkDB. Now, I just have my own wiki.

UC Wiki

And of course, if you need to make any website Blazer-friendly, try this: Google Wireless Proxy

Misc Links

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