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SEO K.O.O.L. method

Optimizing your pages for search can be done in four steps.

Unfamiliar terms? See SEO Glossary.

1. Keywords: Assign keywords/keyphrases for each individual page. No more than 3-5 keywords/keyphrases per page.

Learn how to determine your keywords.

2. Optimize text from top-left-down: Place keywords of a page in first 200 visible words of text (top-left-down). Keywords should be used in:

  • title tag
  • heading
  • first paragraph

3. Optimize emphasized text so contains keywords: Make sure all (most) emphasized text contains keywords/keyphrases: bold, italic, headings. And for any existing keywords on page, use bold and emphasis markup when possible. Use keyworks/keyphrases in major headings.

These same keywords should be in your meta tags.

4. Links: Make sure you are linking to good (Google ranked) sites considered an authority on your keyphrases. When linking to your own pages, use keywords in the link.