Alice Eve ~ Interviews reveal her charming accent and wit

Alice Eve ~ Interviews reveal her charming accent and wit

Bumped into this interview of actress Alice Eve on Conan that just charmed my socks off. I’m not familiar with Alice Eve, but during the interview she demonstrates how she can instantly change from her gorgeous English accent to an American, Los Angeles accent—which includes inserting “like” for commas, or so goes her theory…

Again on Conan, Eve admits that each of her eyes is a different color, a condition called heterochromia iridum. Perhaps the most notable person with this condition is David Bowie (in the U.K. the “ow” in Bowie is pronounce like the “ou” in ouch). Alice Eve’s difference in eye color is not that pronounced; though she does tell being put off by a boyfriend who didn’t notice her mismatched eye color for nine months.

“What was he looking at” indeed?

This interview of Alice Eve on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson isn’t as good, but you still get to listen to her wonderful accent and wit. This blonde is no dummy, and she’s beautiful as can be—which made the interview a bit awkward as Ferguson (and Geoff?) threw in some indelicate sexual references. Eve caught them and handled it well.

But the situation got me to wondering how a woman like Eve—or any woman, really—handles that kind of comment and attention. It must get to be a serious drag. And our culture’s standards are only getting worse. I doubt Craig’s comments would have been made so easily on a TV show 20 years ago. I know it’s a joke, and I’m as guilty as Craig (just ask my wife), but I doubt it’s a good thing. Perhaps an idea to explore in another post.

Also found this interview with Alice Eve on the now canceled Attack of the Show with Kevin Pereira. Here Eve shares what the set of Men in Black 3 was really like, from Will Smith’s Fresh Prince rap, to a cowboy director (Barry Sonnenfeld) whose “Director’s chair” consisted of a horse saddle on wheels. Again, Alice Eve is totally adorable–this time in jeans and white top.

BTW, if you’re looking for insight into J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into the Darkness movie, which Alice Eve is in, don’t expect it here. She dodges all of Kevin Pereira’s questions about the film, except to say how awkward it is to have to remain silent about the film and her role in it.

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