As I watched the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, I kept waiting for all the pieces to come together, but it never happened.

I liked the cast of Aloha, but the movie never felt real in any way. I was mildly confused through much of it—which can be good thing if handled well. Not here. The film just didn’t do enough for me to care. That’s so sad given the cast and director, Cameron Crowe.

Rachel McAdams / by Matt DeTurck

Rachel McAdams / by Matt DeTurck

It didn’t suck. It didn’t thrill. Meh. That was my feeling by the end of Aloha. Good actors, but the story just didn’t gel. It simply wasn’t convincing or satisfying. Like tofu.

It was entertaining enough that I watched to the end…hoping. Hoping for more Bill Murray? More Alec Baldwin? More lines from John Krasinski?—Were those some awkward scenes between Krasinski and Cooper or what?

Like this review, the movie Aloha was unfinished, in at least two senses of the word.

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