Why Presidents like working with dictators

New York Post John Podhoretz columnist makes an interesting point on Morning Joe about why American Presidents tend to like working with dictators (Trump is not entirely alone). When a President ask a dictator for a favor, the dictator can deliver on that favor right...

Lady Gaga interview with a clearly impressed Stephen Colbert

Endearing interview with Stephen Colbert and Lady Gaga. Clearly, Colbert was deeply affected, surprised, and blown away by Lady Gaga’s performance in Bradley Cooper’s version of A Star is Born.

We are stardust…literally

Some think the seeds of life came from the Big Bang, but that misses a critical part of how the elements of life came to be.

Cory Doctorow explains why protecting our privacy is vital to our freedom

Cory Doctorow explains why privacy is vital to our intellectual and personal freedom. Articulate as ever, Doctorow voices what I’ve been trying to sort out in my own mind about privacy for months.