Trash Bandit in the Flowers

Too cute! A beautiful portrait of a trash bandit (raccoon) framed by purple flowers.

“One of the greatest photos I’ve ever seen” ~ declares a redditor

Another spectacular image found on reddit. It's not clear to me who took the image, but redditor ihaveadarksoul seems to post the photographer a lot. Source: Reddit - One of the greatest photos I've ever seen.

Portland Women’s Day March 2017

At my wife's behest, I attended the January, 2017, Portland Women's Day March. I haven't done anything like that since college. The attendees marched quite peaceful, though with plenty of enthusiasm. Some speculated that the march remained peaceful because my gender...

Columbia River Gorge Hikes 2015

Displayed below are a collection of photos taken during a few hikes in the Columbia River Gorge during 2015. Most from my phone, so quality isn't super. Still, some good shots.

Glorious Octopus Image

I bumped into this image of an octopus recently and had to share. Such a striking, symmetrical geometry to this octopus' pose. Totally mesmerizing.

Trump touches orb with Saudi King & Egyptian President

This now famous image of Trump, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt touching some kind of glowing orb has generated a lot of buzz and memes. The truth turns out to be pretty straight-forward. The occasion was the opening of a new...

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Dragon statue in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Because I've been told I'm part Slovenian but know nothing about my homeland, any time I encounter a reference to Slovenia, I'm all over it. I recently found this picture of a Dragon statue in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I don't know where Ljubljana is, nor how to pronounce...

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Beautiful photo that looks like Rennaissance art

I did a double or triple take at this photo...actually I still can't see it as a photo; it looks like a Renaissance painting to my eyes. I cannot track down who captured it, but I found the image on multiple "photos that look like paintings" webpages like this one at...

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Teatime with a fairy

Actually, it's "Teatime with Tinkerbell," but I like the double entendre. In this photo (can't find the photographer) Helen Stifler is cosplaying Tinkerbell. Her expression is perfect; I love the composition; and while we are mixing up fabled characters, at Tink's...

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Morena Baccarin’s adorable expression

I'm smitten. Ever since seeing her in the Joss Whedon science fiction series Firefly, I've had a heavy crush on Brazilian-American actress Morena Maccarin. Besides Firefly, I loved her in Homeland (a wonderful dramatic role as Nick Brody's wife ), V (dominatrix/alien...

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Beautiful landscape image by Carlos Lazarini

Discovered this beautiful image on ALK3R's Wordpress photo blog. The photo is by Carlos Lazarini, a Sao Paulo photographer with a great eye. Sounds like he's self-taught and focuses on scenery. This shot just draws me in so strongly. Something about the composition,...

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Smiling Syrian boy offering tea – So sweet!

“If I had a super power, it would be to fly. I would tell other children from around the world to come and play with me and my sisters, and to drink tea together!” ~ Mohamad, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon One of the top-rated comments on reddit for this picture of the...

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Child’s coffin found at construction site

It was the beautiful face that caught my attention. But as I realized what I was admiring, I began to feel a little sick. This beautiful child died in the 1870's, and this is a picture of her extremely well preserved corpse. You can see the casket on the right--it was...

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