Columbia River Gorge Hikes 2015

Displayed below are a collection of photos taken during a few hikes in the Columbia River Gorge during 2015. Most from my phone, so quality isn't super. Still, some good shots.

Oregon Coast snaps

Took a trip to the Oregon Coast, Seaside, and sites nearby.    

Portland Japanese Gardens

Visited Portland Japanese Gardens last spring or summer. Gorgeous grounds. Very well maintained.  

Smith Rock snaps

We took a trip to Sisters and Bend, Oregon last summer, and passed by Smith Rock. Here are few snaps from the Smith Rock visit. I hadn't visited before and was struck by its beauty the contrast of the rocks created against the rest of the terrain. Wish we had time to...

Woman is the Tree of Life

I just love this image. The symbolism..the peace...the harmony. Life...growth...deep roots. It speaks to me somehow. However, when I Googled the image, the results pointed to "hippie commune." 

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Beautiful, disorienting image of the Fantastic Pit

It took me a second to orient myself to what was going on in this photo by National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols. The image captures five cave explorers repelling into Fantastic Pit in Georgia's Ellison's Cave, a 586 feet (179 meter) descent. The Fantastic...

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Gorgeous tiger cub photo by Harry Schindler

I'm totally adoring this tiger cub image by photographer Harry Schindler. Found it on Facebook, speaking of which, here's Harry Schindler's Facebook page. This image is actually a cropped portion of a larger tiger cub photo. Great work Harry!

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U.S. has its own pre-existing conditions

According political cartoonist Mike Luckovich, here are the pre-existing conditions of the U.S. Ryan: Heartless — McConnell: Soulless — Trump: Mindless   Source: 05/03 Mike Luckovich: Very sick. | Mike Luckovich

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Tornado Alley, U.S.A.

Below are just a few of the spectacular images taken over the course of only a month in the notorious Tornado Alley, U.S.A. To see more Tornado Alley photos, view the album from WJLA. Source: GALLERY: Extreme weather in Tornado Alley | WJLA

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