Dead Space 2 – Hardcore – Pulse Rifle Only

Dead Space 2 – Hardcore – Pulse Rifle Only

YouTuber moonable does an awesome job with this speed run through Deep Space 2 on hardcore mode, where he uses almost exclusively the pulse rifle and HARDLY EVER uses stasis. Very cool. Inspired me to get the game. During my first play through on casual, I was running scared. In my second play through on normal mode, the necromorphs are  the scared ones. Here’s one segment of moonable’s run (spoilers). He uses the plasma cutter a bit here (no pulse ammo?), but you see him later with the pulse rifle.

This guy is good, as you can tell from the video below

moonable’s Dead Space 2 playlist lists for all the videos of this speedy hardcore run through–I think he completed the game in something less than 5 hours. I used it as a guide during my second run through…well, some of my first run, too 🙂

Dead Space 2 – Hints & Cheats Links | Wanderings – some of the hint’s I used to get through the game.

Photo by SobControllers

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