Cambridge scientists tested 0.02 micron Bacteriophage MS2 particles (5 times smaller than the coronavirus) and compared homemade masks made of different materials to surgical masks.

  • Surgical mask blocks 89%
  • Vacuum cleaning bag 85%
  • Dish Towel 73%
  • T shirt 70%

Source: C. Michael Gibson MD

Best Option for protection against Coronavirus

Bottom line: Test data shows that the best choices for DIY masks are

  • cotton t-shirts,
  • pillowcases,
  • or other cotton materials.

These materials filter out approximately 50% of 0.2 micron particles, similar in size to the coronavirus. They are also as easy to breathe through as surgical masks, which makes them more comfortable enough to wear for several hours.

Doubling the layers of material for your DIY mask gives a very small increase in filtration effectiveness, but makes the mask much more difficult to breathe through.

Source: What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?

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