ENO Guardian Bug Net review, setup, and tear-down

ENO Guardian Bug Net review, setup, and tear-down

ENO Hammock & Bug Net ~ Just bought an Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Guardian Bug Net and ENO DoubleNest Hammock. This was my first time setting up a hammock, and it was super easy using, mostly because I also bought the ENO Atlas Hammock Straps.

The ENO Atlas straps made setup easy because I didn’t have to worry placing and adjusting knots to get the right tension on my hammock. The Atlas strap design has multiple attachment loops on each strap so you just  hook the hammock’s carabiners into whichever loops give the best tension and you’re done. No fiddling. I was also surprised at how comfortable the whole setup was.

Still things to tweak in my hammock kit, but these ENO components are a great start.

YouTuber davidspassage does a fantastic job reviewing the ENO Guardian Bug Net and provides some invaluable tips on how to set it up and tear it down.

My take away points

  • Ditch the included bug net cordage and use 550 paracord instead or attach to your ridgeline. Included cordage is too short and weak to really do the job over the long term.
  • Leave the hooks on either end of bug net UNATTACHED to the ridgeline cordage. If you attach the end hooks, when you enter the hammock your weight will open up the gathers at the end and provide an easy entrance for bugs. Leaving the end hooks unattached seems to remedy this design flaw.

ENO Guardian Bugnet Review, Setup, and Tear-down – YouTube.

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