Faith is often about geography

Faith is often about geography

Faith is often about geography

If you were born in Israel, you’d probably be Jewish.
If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you’d probably be Muslim.
If you were born in India, you’d probably be Hindu.
But because you were born in North American, you’re Christian…

Your faith is not inspired by some divine, constant truth…

It’s simply geography.

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Maybe better to say, if your were born into a Christian family, you’re probably of a Christian faith, etc.

The point is that our faith is largely a product of the family and culture we were born into–something we did not control.

Someone (de Tocqueville?) said that the only rational way to construct our laws and society is so that we would have a reasonable chance to be happy no matter where in the social structure we were born–that should be the goal. Perhaps that perspective would be helpful in relating to members of a faith other than our own.

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