Guild Wars 2 beta – Some videos and links of beta testers’ first impressions. I hope to add more as I find them.

The video contains a montage of characters roaming the beautiful world of Guild Wars 2 and performing amazing feats of combat. All is colorful and cinematic, though the players in this montage didn’t seem to use the agility of their characters to the best advantage, often choosing stationary, stand-still-and-take-it combat–noobs 🙂

Other demos show players using their characters’ full agility to evade attacks and inflict damage.

Here are a few links with first impressions from the beta:

This MMO Manifesto lays out many of the rules ArenaNet is trying to break free of with Guild Wars 2.  The world is gorgeous and the intention of the developers and designers seems earnest and true. It’s a lot to live up to. I’m feeling pretty confident they will deliver on their ambition.

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