How to treat heart failure with diet

How to treat heart failure with diet

This video from provides persuasive evidence that higher levels of TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) lead to higher incidence of heart attacks and heart failure. TMAO comes from byproducts of eating animal products, dairy, eggs, meat.

TMAO  seems to work in at least two ways on increasing death by heart attack and heart failure. High TMAO blood serum levels increase macrophage cholesterol intake, and these macrophages are found in atherosclerosis plaques. So apparently TMAO causes these macrophages to fill with cholesterol faster–my interpretation; video doesn’t get into this–and in theory, this would speed up the development of plaques that cause artery blockage and heart attacks.

In addition, high TMAO levels are associated with an increased incidence of heart failure in patients already suffering from a weak heart. These deaths are not caused by cholesterol filled plaques but rather by the heart just giving out. Patients with high levels of TMAO died faster than patients with lower levels of TMAO  According to the video these findings have been replicated multiple times.

The treatment? TMAO is a byproduct of a diet high in animal products, so the best way to reduce your TMAO levels is to avoid eating animal products (dairy, eggs, meat) and instead eat a plant-based diet. This will reduce your blood serum TMAO levels and reduce your chances of heart failure/attack.

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