Benjamin Marauder Upgrade ~ Here’s a relatively simple and cheap way to significantly improve the performance of a Benjamin Marauder airgun. YouTuber Ted’s Holdover demonstrates the upgrade, which involves installing a $35 piece from Airguns of Arizona called a  Hammer Debounce Device (HDD).  (Dead Link 🙁 Airguns of Arizona no longer selling?)

As Ted describes, when the hammer hits the valve release, the hammer often bounces against the valve release a second (or third) time, releasing more air. This extra released air does nothing to help propel the already departed pellet, and is simply wasted.

The Hammer Debounce Device or HDD helps prevents the hammer from hitting the valve repeated times after the initial strike.

Ted appears to have taken down the video 🙁

From the graph below, you can see a significant performance increase in the stock Benjamin Marauder before and after the HDD upgrade. If you have a Benjamin Marauder,  the Hammer Debounce Device upgrade is a  no-brainer–assuming you can manage to reassemble your airgun again 🙂


Benjamin Marauder performance graph with and w/o HDD

Benjamin Marauder performance graph with and w/o HDD

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