Keyboard shortcuts for Windows ~ reddit crowdsourced

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows ~ reddit crowdsourced

Reddit poster crowdsourced these tips for keyboard shortcuts and the results seem almost exclusively Windows related.  Below are some I found helpful, arranged (mostly) alphabetically:

ALT + TAB = navigate to other open applications or windows

CTRL + TAB = navigate to other open browser windows (at least in some browsers)

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC – open task manager. I always did it via CTRL + ALT + DEL, and then had to do the next step.

CTRL + SHIFT + T =  reopens your last closed tab in your browser

CTRL + T  = open a new tab

CTRL + Click opens link in new tab in browser. Shift+Click opens link in new window in browser.

CTRL + SHIFT  + N = incognito mode

F2 is shortcut for “renaming” file (included in OP’s reddit headline). You can select a ton of files in Windows and hit F2 to rename them. It will give them a common name, appending with a (number). Example, “Summer Photo (1), Summer Photo (2)”

F5 in notepad writes the time and date of when you pressed it.

F11 makes the window bigger (full screen)

Select a ton of files in Windows and hit F2 to rename them. It will give them a common name, appending with a (number).

Shift-delete gets rid of predictions for fields you are entering text in. For example: someone once used your computer to log into their email, and now every time you try to log in, their email address pops up as an auto-complete option. This is ruining your life. Arrow down to it and press shift-delete to get rid of it for good.

Shift+delete will also cause a file to skip the recycling bin.

Space moves you down a page

Shift+Space moves you up a page!

TAB – Renaming a ton of files in windows explorer, just rename the first one and then hit tab. It’ll just keep rolling through keeping the next file highlighted for editing. If you hit shift+tab, it goes in the opposite direction

WIN + Tab is a fancy alternative to alt-tab

WIN+Pause opens the “System” Menu of the Control Panel, very handy if you want to change something in Path or whatever

WIN + D minimzes all windows and if you hit it again all windows return back. Note, if you select program or click anywhere they can’t pop back up.

WIN + M minimizes all windows, including some that don’t have a minimize button.

WIN + L to lock your work station

YELLING at your screen increases speed also will free up memory files. Due to the unused files getting scared and running farther into the computer.

ALT + F4  DON’T USE THIS ONE. Seems to close everything 🙂


For more, visit the reddit post: F2 is a shortcut for renaming a file. What are some little computer tips/tricks that you think everyone should know? : AskReddit.

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