Melinda Gates ~ Gates Foundation

Melinda Gates ~ Gates Foundation

I totally agree with and applaud Melinda Gates’ statements about the Catholic Church’s position on contraception. The Vatican’s position on this issue, and its impact on women’s rights, human health, and the spread of HIV in Africa and elsewhere, is one of the key reasons I’m no longer a Catholic. Melinda Gates, the “impatient optimist,” takes a less extreme but no less determined view of the Catholic Church.

“The billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates, a practising Catholic, has thrown down the gauntlet to the Vatican and vowed to dedicate the rest of her life to improving access to contraception across the globe.”

“Gates, who with her husband, Bill, the founder of Microsoft, is one of the world’s biggest players on development issues, predicted that women in Africa and Asia would soon be “voting with their feet”, as women in the west have done, and would ignore the church’s ban on artificial birth control.”

Excerpts from Melinda Gates challenges Vatican by vowing to improve contraception | World news

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