NPR Interview with James Gleick – Author of ‘The Information’

NPR Interview with James Gleick – Author of ‘The Information’

This NPR interview with James Gleick was weak, but good enough to whet my appetite for Gleick’s new book, The Information.

To be fair, the topic of information theory is HUGE and intersects with just about everything, which was one of the points of the book that Gleick got across.  But I guess it’s just a hard topic to convey much about in a five minute interview. I was left wanting—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I just ordered the book off Amazon 🙂

One of my favorite books EVER was also on the topic of information theory. Written by Jeremy Campbell, Grammatic Man also told the story of information theory, and I found it absolutely enthralling. It was….

Mind=blown good.

I’m hoping Gleick’s book is equally mind blowing. And with luck, maybe Gleick will  soon do an interview with Charlie Rose or Terry Gross.

Bit By Bit, ‘The Information’ Reveals Everything : NPR.


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