My job is TOP SECRET…

I laughed so hard when I saw this t-shirt. My job is TOP SECRET Even I don't know what I'm doing

Home remedies ~ Some odd, some sensible

Home Remedies ~ These were some interesting home remedies suggested by redditors. Not sure I'd risk trying some of them, though. Sore throats Gargle with salt water. Gargle with apple cider vinegar. Pickle juice  ~ ibbity Upset stomach Mix teaspoon of baking soda in...

Best ashtray ~ Sends the right message

I never thought I'd promote an ashtray, but here is one that communicates the right message... Source

Redhead girl’s portrait drawn with ballpoint pen

Love this portrait by VianaArts. Looks like a photo at first, but it's all done with colored ballpoint pens. Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by =VianaArts on deviantART.

Why pastis (ouzo & absinthe) turns cloudy in water

Kiss me, I'm French! Not really, but I love pastis, an anise-flavored liqueur and apéritif from France that contains 40–45% alcohol by volume. The first time I drank pastis was, as it should be, on a trip through France as a teen. Aside from wine & beer, it was my...

Oats Studios – Volume 1 – Rakka

Volume 1 of Rakka begins a thrilling, visceral story I dearly hope gets completed. Coming out of Oats Studios, directed by Neill Blomkamp and starring Sigourney Weaver, this short film hooked me quick and never let go. Great ride.

Gorgeous tiger cub photo by Harry Schindler

I'm totally adoring this tiger cub image by photographer Harry Schindler. Found it on Facebook, speaking of which, here's Harry Schindler's Facebook page. This image is actually a cropped portion of a larger tiger cub photo. Great work Harry!

VIZIO LCD HDTV ~ “No signal” then shuts off ~ SOLUTION!

When I turned "ON" our VIZIO LCD HDTV, the screen turned blue, displayed the text "No signal," then shut off. No matter what buttons I pressed on the remote or the VIZIO HDTV itself, when I turned on the TV it automatically shut off. F*CK! The behavior started when we...
Dr. Eric Manheimer (inset) and "New Amsterdam" star Ryan Eggold. Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix; Jeff Riedel/NBC

‘New Amsterdam’ TV series inspired by real-life doctor

I've been loving the new medical drama New Amsterdam starring Ryan Eggold (The Blacklist). I didn't realize the series, and many of the events portrayed, are based on the experiences of Dr. Eric Manheimer, the real-life medical supervisor of New York's Bellevue...

What is a “CVT” Transmission ~ Scotty Kilmer

CVTs (Continuous Variable Transmissions) are cheaper to build and get around 6% better gas mileage over automatic transmissions, says auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Because of these features, more and more manufacturers are putting CVTs in their cars—in some models they...
You are my forever

You are my forever

At some point, while submariner Mikhail Averin waited at the bottom of the Bering Sea to be rescued, he wrote this short letter to his wife. No one has forever... But I wanted more. I wanted to give you more...more babies. Love our son and the baby for both of us....

Glorious Octopus Image

Glorious Octopus Image

I bumped into this image of an octopus recently and had to share. Such a striking, symmetrical geometry to this octopus' pose. Totally mesmerizing.

Domesticated foxes ~ Are they like dogs?

Domesticated foxes ~ Are they like dogs?

I'd watched a documentary some years ago about a Russian scientist who, in 1959 or so, started trying to domesticate foxes in hopes of discovering how wolves were domesticated into dogs. Surprisingly, the answer to that question still remains a mystery. This video...