Penn Jillette says Newtown tragedy is anomaly ~ Wendy Williams Show

Penn Jillette says Newtown tragedy is anomaly ~ Wendy Williams Show

Penn Jillette holds his own against a rather passionate pro gun control panel on the Wendy Williams Show. He brings up some excellent points much ignored by the talking heads in the media. His main argument is that the murders in Newtown were an anomaly, and that if we want to protect children, focus first on more common dangers that kill many more kids, e.g., unprotected swimming pools. Gun control can fit into the effort to protect our kids (my sentiments, not necessarily Jillette’s), but it doesn’t deserve being a top priority. Other dangers kill more kids.

I’m finding it hard to fault Jillette’s argument. IF his ascertain is true, we should put resources into areas that will protect the most kids. Is all the focus on gun control misplaced?

I know Jillette is a strong libertarian and supports freedom in all forms. Though he never said so directly in this discussion, I assume he would be against gun control. But should we be able to own any gun (or other weapon) we want?  Should we be able to own rocket launchers?

The reaction of the panel to Jillette’s argument perfectly illustrates the failings of some media talking heads –they make claims that support a point of view without being sure of the evidence. Though I suspect all sides are guilty of making such errors.

Nicole Lapin on The Wendy Williams Show — “Hot Talk: Newtown School Shooting” – YouTube.

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