Peter Dinklage is awesome in Game of Thrones ~ HBO series

Peter Dinklage is awesome in Game of Thrones ~ HBO series

Watched Game of Thrones, an HBO miniseries, and found the pilot absolutely fantastic, especially the production design (though later episodes didn’t always maintain the realism of the pilot).

Based on author George R. R. Martin’s “knights and chivalry” series,  A Song of Ice and Fire the miniseries is filled with political subplots and can get confusing. But the acting is quite good, and I have to admit my totally fascination with the performance of Peter Dinklage, who recently won a Golden Globe for his part in the miniseries.

Peter Dinklage, who plays the dwarf son of a powerful and wealthy family, is superb in every way. I wish he had more scenes; he certainly steals the show in most of the scenes he is in. I love how honestly his stature is treated in the story and how his performance is just perfectly gauged and nuanced. Because of his character’s cleverness, he doesn’t or can’t always come right out and say what he’s doing, so a look, a gesture has got to say a lot—and it does with Dinklage. Gotta see more of this guy in other serious roles. He’s a fantastic actor.

At the end of his Golden Globe acceptance speech, Dinklage said he was thinking about Martin Henderson and asked listeners to “Google him.” Turns out that Henderson, an actor and dwarf like Dinklage, was the victim of an assault that’s left him in a wheelchair. As Henderson put it: “The bloke just came from behind me and picked me up — the next thing I knew I was going through the air. It was very scary.”

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