This video from YouTube channel SoulPancake brought me a few tears. What a beautiful little experiment. Very well done. You’ll feel happier just for watching. You’ll feel even happier if you give the gratitude experiment a try.

Scientists have determined that you feel happier when you show gratitude. So the gratitude experiment is simple: Think of someone who had a positive impact on your life, someone you are thankful for. Then write down in as much detail as you can why that person was so important to your life.

Once you’ve written this letter of gratitude, contact the person and read the gratitude letter to him or her. If that person cannot be contacted. Read the letter aloud as if you’re reading to that person.

Are you happier now? I’d bet anything you are.

In lieu of that, watch the video by SoulPancake. I’d even bet you’ll feel happier by viewing it 🙂 

via The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude – YouTube.

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