Beer science ~ In song!

Beer science ~ In song!

Lyrics below…

(A Biologist’s) St. Patrick’s Day Song – YouTube.


In the year of our lord eighteen hundred and eleven

On March the seventeenth day

I will raise up a beer and I’ll raise up a cheer

For Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Here’s to brewers yeast, that humblest of all beasts

Producing carbon gas reducing acetaldehyde

But my friends that isn’t all — it makes ethyl alcohol

That is what the yeast excretes and that’s what we imbibe

Anaerobic isolation

Alcoholic fermentation

NADH oxidation

Give me a beer


My intestinal wall absorbs that ethanol

And soon it passes through my blood-brain barrier

There’s a girl in the next seat who I didn’t think that sweet

But after a few drinks I want to marry her

I guess it’s not surprising, my dopamine is rising

And my glutamate receptors are all shot

I’d surely be bemoaning all the extra serotonin

But my judgment is impaired and my confidence is not

Allosteric modulation

No Long Term Potentiation

Hastens my inebriation

Give me a beer


When ethanol is in me, some shows up in my kidneys

And inhibits vasopressin by degrees

A decrease in aquaporins hinders water re-absorption

And pretty soon I really have to pee

Well my liver breaks it down so my body can rebound

By my store of glycogen is soon depleted

And tomorrow when I’m sober I will also be hungover

Cause I flushed electrolytes that my nerves and muscles needed

Diuretic activation

Urination urination

Urination dehydration

Give me a beer




D DAG / bm A

D D A G / bm A G D

G D A G / G D G A

G D A bm / G D A D

Pre – chorus:

G D A bm / G D A

Chorus (Li-Diddly-I):

G D A bm A



D DAG / Bm A

D D A G / Bm A G D

G D A G / bm A

G D A bm / G D A D

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