Shooting (at) your boss with AK-47 ~ SFW

Shooting (at) your boss with AK-47 ~ SFW

UPDATE: Watched the video a couple more times, and doubt the shooter used three round burst setting–just had a fast trigger finger…Still, really dumb thing to do.

Shooting at boss with AK-47 ~ I assume this is real, but who knows. The employee appears to shoot at his boss with an AK-47 in a three shot burst, which I believe is a setting for the rifle and inherently difficult to control.

The boss is protected behind his company’s product—bullet-resistant/bullet-proof safety glass—and a steel plate below the glass. The glass is a huge safety concern, but so is the employee’s aim and the very real possibility of a ricochet hitting the employee, boss, or  spectators. Aside from this being an inherently stupid & dangerous demo, setting the rifle to a three shot burst (and having a concrete backstop so close to people) is totally wacko.

On the other hand, it does prove the point–the glass will stop AK-47 rounds.

Watch to the end to catch a spectator’s reaction.

I was very impressed with the employee’s ability to control the three shot burst so that all three bullets hit glass.

Not something I would do as a boss, even if I trusted the glass AND my employee.

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