Sina’s drum cover of My Sharona by The Knack

Sina’s drum cover of My Sharona by The Knack

Born in 1999, Sina is a young German drummer and musician who has been doing drum covers on YouTube since she was about 14 years-old. This is her recent drum cover video of My Sharona by The Knack, which I’m embarrassed to say was an anthem, of sorts, at my Catholic high school 😉

I know nothing about drumming, but Sina’s drumming seems really good to my ear–and she’s so young. Both her parents are music professionals—her mom’s a singer and her father’s a studio musician. She got into drums because it was the one instrument her father didn’t play, and he needed a drummer for some recording sessions. Sina, age 10 or 11, was volunteered.

Sina’s drum cover of Radar Love

This may have been the first video I saw of Sina and it remains a favorite. Try to tell me this girl ain’t talented—I dare you!

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