Stephen Fry interviews Jessica Thom, a young woman with Tourette’s syndrome. One of Jess’s uncontrollable vocal tics is the F word, and in this video Jess says the F word frequently and uncontrollably. But she also says many insightful things about her condition and what she’s doing to raise awareness about Tourette’s syndrome and how she copes–thrives!

Fry loves Jess’ description about how her father somehow filters the F word when it comes out of Jess as a tic, but will get on her about her bad language if she uses the F word intentionally. As Fry notes, the meaning of a word is so much about context and intention.

I can’t imagine how incredibly socially awkward this condition must be for Jess and others with Tourette’s syndrome. I heard many a guilty giggle come out of me while viewing the video. But Jess appears to be doing her damnedest to not let the condition disrupt her life too much. I applaud her for her determination, for not hiding herself or holding back all that she is. She’s an inspiring young woman who is doing a lot of good for others, particularly kids with Tourette’s.

Jess Thom has a

via reddit ~ Stephen Fry with a person that suffers tourette syndrome

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