Stephen Fry’s reply to God

Stephen Fry’s reply to God

I so identify with atheist Stephen Fry’s reply to the question: If you were to die and discover there is a God, how would you respond?
Stephen pulls no punches and strikes directly at the thought in the back and forefront of everyone’s mind—Why all the goddamn suffering?

Why all the pointless suffering? You should be ashamed!

And when asked if he thought God would let him in Heaven after his impertinent questions and judgments, Fry doesn’t bat an eye, saying he wouldn’t want to go through the pearly gates to be with such a pernicious, cruel God. He’d prefer staying away from heaven, thank you very much. The interviewer is a bit shocked by it all.

Fry’s sentiment reminds me of this quote from a Holocaust survivor.

Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One – YouTube.

Photo by Philippe Put

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