Jon Stewart ~ What Obama’s deal with Iran means about Republicans

Jon Stewart nailed it! "Republicans, you're not helping yourselves. If it turns out that President Barack Obama can make a deal with the most intransigent, hard line, unreasonable, totalitarian mullahs in the world, but not with the Republicans...maybe he's not the...

Obamacare infographic explains a lot

The Obamacare infographic below attempts to explain the history of healthcare and health insurance in America, and how Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) fits into that history. Created by an insurance and wealth management company out of Ohio called the Hummel...

Charlie Chaplin’s inspiring speech ~ ‘The Great Dictator’

What an inspiring speech from Charlie Chaplin in the classic talkie The Great Dictator. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcvjoWOwnn4 Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator - YouTube

TV takes a dump in your brain ~ Cartoon

Exactly right! Image captures it all. From the opiate of the masses to this: TV takes a dump in your brain. Perfect. Now I'm gonna go watch American Idol. Great cartoon : occupywallstreet.

Wealth inequality in America ~ Disturbing graphic

Wealth inequality in America ~ Very interesting video on the how perception of America's distribution of wealth differs hugely from the reality. Exceedingly well done animated graphics tell a disturbing story of where wealth resides in America, and, as important,...

Neil deGrasse Tyson ~ We Stopped Dreaming

Neil deGrasse Tyson ~ We Stopped Dreaming

This collection of Neil deGrasse Tyson clips (assembled by Scrunchthethird on YouTube) are inspiring. I'm old enough to remember when we landed on the moon and the excitement that generated in me as a child. It was a great way to grow scientists. It was a great way to...

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Lawrence Lessig’s superb presentation ~ Republic, Lost

Absolutely brilliant presentation by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, based on his book, Republic, Lost. Here's to the root strikers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RFlSXjeMgc We've lost faith in our government because it is corrupt. The constitution declares...

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