3,000-year history of the hoodie ~ Paola Antonelli explains

The history of the hoodie has more significance and substance than I expected. Design curator Paola Antonelli takes us on a brief, 3-minute tour of the hoodie's 3,000-year history that includes tales of the Grim Reaper, monks, athletes, superheroes, and Travon Martin.

“Be a Man!” ~ What should that mean? ~ Joe Ehrmann TED talk

"Be a man!" ~ TED talk speaker Joe Ehrmann (really?) describes what it means to "be a man" in our culture and suggests how that definition should be changed. Then he proposes a vehicle for communicating that new meaning to young boys trying to sort out their identity...

Amanda Palmer ~ The art of asking

Amanda Palmer gave a TED talk in early 2013 that kinda blew me away. As it started, I was a bit put off or threatened by this bold woman—such are my insecurities. But as I listened, I immediately began to respect this artist, this thinking, feeling, connecting human...

Video game that can add 10 years to your life ~ Jane McGonigal ~ TED

Game designer Jane McGonigal gives a fascinating TED talk on how video games can have a real, positive impact on people's lives as she compares deathbed regrets to the reported benefits of playing a simple game. In the talk, McGonigal reveals that she suffered a...

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