Actually, it’s “Teatime with Tinkerbell,” but I like the double entendre. In this photo (can’t find the photographer) Helen Stifler is cosplaying Tinkerbell. Her expression is perfect; I love the composition; and while we are mixing up fabled characters, at Tink’s elbow, is that the cat from Alice in Wonderland


My son was seriously into cosplay for a while. Lots of work. His patience with creating the costume, with its many elements, totally amazed me. We went to a con in Las Vegas once, and discovered a whole lot of other dedicated cosplayers. From what I could see, they make up a fun, social, helpful community. They were always exchanging tips and techniques to get various effects. Some of them had small teams of people helping keep the costumes in order as they walked around the convention area. Totally amazing.

Helen Stifler is cosplaying Tinkerbell

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