Thorium ~ An alternative nuclear fuel ~ Kirk Sorensen TED

Thorium ~ An alternative nuclear fuel ~ Kirk Sorensen TED

Former NASA scientist Kirk Sorensen gives an inspiring little talk at a TEDx about the potential of thorium as a nuclear fuel source. Thorium has numerous advantages over uranium, which Sorensen quickly reviews.

If we ever colonize the moon, thorium will almost certainly be the fuel of choice for supplying a moon colony’s energy needs. Sorensen asks the question:

If thorium is such a good energy source for colonies on the moon,
why not for colonies right here on earth?

Kirk Sorensen talks about thorium at TEDx

What about thorium waste?

What’s not clear to me is how waste by products of a thorium reactor would be treated. Are they as hazardous as the (nearly) eternally dangerous by products of uranium?

From Sorensen’s talk, it sounded like the waste was less from thorium, in terms of volume per joule, but still remains waste which we don’t have know how to deal with or recycle fully, but I could be wrong; he didn’t say that directly. I need to investigate more.

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