Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, but certainty…

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, but certainty…

Voltaire’s quote on the nature of certainty and uncertainty does “certainly” apply to politics, government, science—many aspects of life…

Voltaire quote on certainty & uncertainty

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one”

~ Voltaire

But imagine being the patient of an uncertain doctor, or client of an uncertain lawyer…Or should we make the distinction between “confidence” and “certainty.”

I can be confident that I can deal with uncertainty, and perhaps the best we can hope for. Because without confidence, we often will likely fail to act, and without action there is no progress, unless you hold a very Zen view 🙂

So the distinction is on what level we are certain or uncertain/confident or not confident. But “certainly” self-confidence is subject to Voltaire’s observation as much or more than anything–if not more!

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