VIZIO LCD HDTV ~ “No signal” then shuts off ~ SOLUTION!

VIZIO LCD HDTV ~ “No signal” then shuts off ~ SOLUTION!

When I turned “ON” our VIZIO LCD HDTV, the screen turned blue, displayed the text “No signal,” then shut off. No matter what buttons I pressed on the remote or the VIZIO HDTV itself, when I turned on the TV it automatically shut off. F*CK!

The behavior started when we accidentally switched the input signal to something without an active signal. Simple enough a mistake, except that when the TV senses “no signal” it automatically shuts off.

We tried changing the input right after turning the TV on, but the TV would not respond to either the remote nor the buttons on the side of the TV. It appears that when the VIZIO HDTV does not sense a valid signal, the stupidly programmed TV automatically shuts off.

The solution is simple, but we didn’t find in on the VIZIO site….

  1. With the VIZIO HDTV OFF,
  2. PRESS AND HOLD the “INPUT” button on the set.
  3. When the TV turns ON, an input signal menu box will immediately display.
  4. Select an input source with a signal using the volume or channel button on the TV.

Your VIZIO HDTV has now been saved from the junk heap.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved our VIZIO HDTV, but this quirk drove me mad.

Via the wonderful “FixYa” website — 42 inch LCD VIZIO. “no signal”

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