Wealth Inequality ~ Photo by Peter Stevens @flickr

Wealth Inequality ~ Photo by Peter Stevens @flickr

Wealth inequality in America ~ Very interesting video on the how perception of America’s distribution of wealth differs hugely from the reality. Exceedingly well done animated graphics tell a disturbing story of where wealth resides in America, and, as important, where it doesn’t.

I can’t get away from the idea that without a healthy middle class, we don’t have a healthy economy. We are not there now. So how do we get there?

Our economy is driven by consumer spending, and consumer spending is driven by the spending of the middle class. Yet business practices and priorities (wages) and government policies and practices (taxation and spending) seem to favor the rich and squeeze the middle class. This seems so stupid and short-sighted. A healthy middle class benefits all.

Put another way, the middle class is the goose that lays the golden eggs. Why are we not feeding the goose?

Do watch the video Wealth inequality in America. It tells a story that needs to be heard and understood.

Wealth Inequality in America

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