I was struck by this  photo of an anorexic teen girl looking into a mirror and seeing a plumper reflection of herself. With images of ever slimmer runway models filling all the screens in a teenage girl’s life, it’s easy to imagine how impressionable young girls (or adult women for that matter) could be deluded into always seeing themselves as too fat–no matter what their true figure.

Though it was just an ad, I applauded Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. At least it tried to insert the idea that beautiful woman come in more forms–and with more curves–than the anorexic runway model.

Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder. It’s contained in the images we promote as a culture. Expanding our repertoire of what is beautiful can’t be that hard. But in the end, true beauty isn’t found in a woman’s shape or a figure or body mass index.  Corny but true…

The beauty that matters and lasts is found on the inside, not in a mirror.

via What the most beautiful teen competition does to girls. : pics

What the most beautiful teen competition does to girls. – Imgur

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