Why? ~ “To give voice to my own curiousity”

I’m a curator of the funny, odd, fascinating, clever, wise, rare, informative, and curious things I find on “the internets” and elsewhere.



I collect strange stuff. There’s no obvious theme or consistency. It’s just whatever tickles my neurons at the moment. But this odd collection reflects who I am and what I’m learning, and that’s exactly what I want to preserve with this website.

You’ll see photos, quotes, videos, and more words on a wide variety of subjects which may not appear to have any logical connection, but do connect somehow in my mind.

So browse around, take a look at my smog cloud, leave a comment or share with others. But if you do none of those things, the least you can do is judge me severely for what I choose to post on this website 😉

BTW, I got the title line “to give voice to my own curiosity” from a Charlie Rose interview with Stephen Colbert.

Thanks for visiting!

~ Brent


You might notice that I’ve adopted a formatting style where I bold the first few words of most paragraphs. I find it easy to scan a webpage in that style and decide which paragraphs to actually read. It also leaves something of a bread crumb trail that seems to keep me reading more than I would without that formatting…Works for me, anyway 🙂



In case you’re curious, the spectacular photos of tornadoes used in the header are from the gallery Extreme weather in Tornado Alley | WJLA . All photos take by crazy man Marko Korosec/mediadrumworld.com/WENN.