There are two ways of customizing how Shaarli looks:

  1. by using a custom CSS to override Shaarli's CSS
  2. by using a full theme that provides its own RainTPL templates, CSS and Javascript resources

Custom CSS#

Shaarli's appearance can be modified by adding CSS rules to:

  • Shaarli < v0.9.0: inc/user.css
  • Shaarli >= v0.9.0: data/user.css

This file allows overriding rules defined in the template CSS files (only add changed rules), or define a whole new theme.

Note: Do not edit tpl/default/css/shaarli.css! Your changes would be overridden when updating Shaarli.



  • find a theme you'd like to install
  • copy or clone the theme folder under tpl/<a_sweet_theme>
  • enable the theme:
    • Shaarli < v0.9.0: edit data/config.json.php and set the value of raintpl_tpl to the new theme name: "raintpl_tpl": "tpl\/my-template\/"
    • Shaarli >= v0.9.0: select the theme through the Tools page

Community CSS & themes#

Custom CSS#


Shaarli forks#

Example installation: AlbinoMouse theme#

With the following configuration:

  • Apache 2 / PHP 5.6
  • user sites are enabled, e.g. /home/user/public_html/somedir is served as http://localhost/~user/somedir
  • http is the name of the Apache user
$ cd ~/public_html

# clone repositories
$ git clone shaarli
$ pushd shaarli/tpl
$ git clone
$ popd

# set access rights for Apache
$ chgrp -R http shaarli
$ chmod g+rwx shaarli shaarli/cache shaarli/data shaarli/pagecache shaarli/tmp

Get config written: - go to the freshly installed site - fill the install form - log in to Shaarli

Edit Shaarli's configuration:

# the file should be owned by Apache, thus not writeable => sudo
$ sudo sed -i s=tpl=tpl/albinomouse-template=g shaarli/data/config.php