Force That Shapes Your Life

Pain...and pleasure...but in my case it's pain.

We're not driven by logic or new information, unless they lead to an emotion. Logic won't drive us to behave differently. Emotion does. The association of pain or pleasure drive us to act...which is why feelings are called e-motions. Emotions get us to move, to act, to behave.

It's why diets don't work. They don't address the emotion we associate to food. It's so damn simple when you think about it. If you associate pleasure with pizza, you will associate sacrifice if you stop eating pizza because of a diet. Naturally, you will want to both relieve the feeling of sacrifice (avoid pain) and pursue the pleasure you associate with eating pizza (pursue pleasure). It's inevitable!

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Dreams Of Destiny

He begins with three overarching steps to real change:

  • Raise your standards
  • Change your limiting beliefs
  • Change your strategy

I'm not sure if this could be called the broad outline of the book, where the other chapters can fit into this. Don't totally think so yet. But he seems quite organized in his thinking and the models he espouses with such enthusiasm. I expect the outline will soon become clearer.

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Decisions - The Pathway to Power

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Get the Edge by Anthony Robbins

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Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins' Awaken the Giant Within - Picked this up some years ago. Actually found the ideas very helpful and insightful. I know many are turned off by Tony, but he knows his stuff and lives it. I'm hoping to jot down some notes from the book. My notes are organized by the book's chapters:

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