Key points of the original Smart Money article, which explores each statement in more depth. Interesting, but no real surprises; just good reminders for casino junkies (who won't listen anyway).

  1. "The house always wins, and it's now winning more."
  2. "There's nothing complimentary about our comp cards."
  3. "Our ATM machines are the real one-armed bandits."

  1. "We're subliminally relaxing you."
  2. "Ninety-five percent payback doesn't mean you won't lose a lot of money."
  3. "The less you play, the lower we pay."
  4. "Card counting is legal..."
  5. "...but the police believe us, not you."
  6. "Some of us may still be 'connected.'"
  7. "Politicians get rich off us."

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