Brent...without eyes is my online notebook, so the content on this site is (to be polite) "eclectic."

Many pages relate to books I've read or research I'm doing. I'm interested in health issues, science, philosophy, psychology, and more (see all tags). But many pages are just silly. As a notebook, its pages are in various states of completion. Indeed, many pages will never be "finished."

Attempts at more formal (or merely long-winded) blog-like posts. Some are highly research orient. Some personal opinion. Some just funny.
List of all the tags used on The tag cloud on the left of every page contains only a partial list.
Quotations from various sources that moved me, made me laugh, or got me thinking.
Not all pages deserve a blog entry label. This page lists all the pages on the site, including non-blog entries.
I currently have over a 1000 pages on, which include some interesting stuff. This page displays the teaser for a random page. Refresh the page to cycle through another random page. Includes a random quote.
My log (or tumblelog) of bookmarks and thoughts throughout the month. I include pictures, articles, and websites that caught my attention; tumblelogs also contain links to other Wanderings pages. Nothing too long-winded here.

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